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A well-chosen hairstyle can radically enhance your appearance by highlighting your most attractive facial features, and if you have decided that it is time for a change, then 2015 is certainly the perfect year for that! Here you will find the top 5 hottest hairstyles in Wellington, New Zealand: 

1. The Retro Waves 

We all know those retro/vintage waves that were incredibly popular back in 1930s, and they certainly seem to be making a comeback in Wellington. Why? Because they are timeless, shiny and very easy to make!

You would be amazed to see just how much you can accomplish with a few hot rollers, a 1.5-inch curling iron for right waves and a gentle brush. However, if you aim for this particular look, then you must firstly get a haircut that will remove the split ends, thus helping you prolong the life of your chic waves!

2. A Heavy Side-Swept Fringe

A fringe is great if you want to distract people’s attention from your forehead and to direct it to your cheekbones and nose instead, and the heavy side-swept fringe is certainly very hot this year. All you have to do is to go to a professional high-end hair salon in Wellington and ask for a shoulder-length cut with heavy and side-swept bangs. This is perfect for women who love to get extra volume in their hair!

3. Cornrows! 

Cornrows used to be extremely popular back in the 90s, then they faded for a few years and now they are making a comeback! You do not need to be a rapper or a punk-rocker to get your own cornrows – this is one of the chicest and easiest hairstyles you can get, and it works perfectly both for medium-long and for long hair. 

4. Faux Undercut 

Another very popular hairstyle in New Zealand is the faux undercut – although you may not recognise it by the name, you certainly know at least one star who rocked this haircut! Rihanna or Pink are only two of the world-renowned superstars who made the faux undercut so sought-after these days, and if you are feeling bold and daring this year, then you should definitely give it a try. Besides, you can do a lot with the upper part of the cut – you can turn it into cornrows or you can French-braid it.

5. Short Retro Bob With Back Combing 

This is a very chic, fresh-looking and feminine hairstyle that is perfect for ladies with short hair. Also referred to as the Short Japanese Haircut, this retro bob with back combing is basically an asymmetrical bob that forms a very attractive contrast when blow-dried with a round brush!

All these hairstyles are very popular, but make sure you know how to choose the right one for your face shape, personality, and overall style. If you are not sure which one best compliments your features, then you can always count on a professional hairstylist such as those from Jam Hair to give you some useful tips and a lovely, fresh haircut. More details on the available services and pricing can be found at!

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